Sister Helen researches graphic books.

[Note: This series begins with older posts originally published on Facebook. I’ve included them in this collection to provide a fuller history. I’ll add the original date of the post to each of these older ones.]

Originally published February 18th, 2019

Helen (Sister Helen Prejean) and I got together at the local Barnes & Noble on Vets for a semi-inaugural meeting about Graphic Dead Man Walking.

It was great to be in a place surrounded by books. We tucked ourselves away in the graphic novel/manga section, taking samples from the shelves and immersing ourselves in graphic styles. Helen, of course, came with an idea bubbling up. She said, “Rose, you know about John Lewis and his March trilogy?” I said yes. She said “Really we have three books here.” I said “Yes, I know” and I knew what was coming. So already we’re planning the trilogy: Dead Man Walking, The Death of Innocents, River of Fire.

Two illustrators have caught our eye at the moment, Nate Powell, who did March, and the bloke in England who did the illustrated adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird.

I can see us doing more work at B&N. We shared a coffee, we had someone take a photo of us to mark this historic inauguration. The surrounding shelves of books inspired us and, unlike a library, we could talk and be animated.